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Ohio’s natural gas and crude oil industry employs 4,000 direct jobs and 10,400 indirect jobs that supports a total of 14,400 Ohio jobs.
Source: Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program

Drilling and Producing Crude Oil and Natural Gas in Ohio
Source: Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program VIDEO

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10420 CR 620
P.O. Box 425
Killbuck, OH 44637





Questar Corporation’s origins date to the 1922 discovery of natural gas in southwestern Wyoming by a predecessor exploration and production company.

The company built a pipeline, completed in 1929, to transport natural gas from Wyoming to Utah. In 1935 various holdings were consolidated under the name Mountain Fuel Supply Company. In the 1980s and 1990s, we restructured and renamed the company.

Today, Questar is a natural gas-focused energy company with three lines of business — retail gas distribution; interstate gas transportation and storage; and gas development and production.

About the President

W. Rex Baker founded Bakerwell’s service business in 1980. Since the company’s inception, Rex has managed the Service and Exploration phases of Bakerwell’s business. Rex currently supervises Bakerwell’s advancements in Horizontal Drilling technology.

Cedar Valley Energy

PO Box 726
Wooster, OH 44691

330- 262-1034
330- 262-5449


Cedar Valley Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas production company headquartered in Wooster, Ohio. Founded in 1986, the company has prospered through the drilling philosophy of undertaking developmental drilling, rather than exploratory drilling. Cedar Valley Energy, Inc. has drilled and manages over 130 wells in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company employs a staff with an aggregate of more than 120 years of oil and gas experience in the Appalachian Basin. Since 1986, Cedar Valley has returned in excess of $50,000,000 to well interest owners through its oil and gas drilling programs.

Our company maintains a very close “hands-on” management style that allows us to work closely with landowners, subcontractors, and investors to achieve the best return potential for the wells that we drill. Our goal is to maximize the economic return while being good stewards of the environment. As such, we take special care in the reclamation of the wellsites and view these final results as one of our main advertising methods to attract additional lease opportunities from surrounding neighbors.

William Bennet

About the President

After graduating from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology, Mr. Bennett entered the petroleum industry in 1980 working for David Waldron and Associates, Inc.

Artex Oil Company

Corporate Headquarters
2163A State Route 821
Marietta, Ohio 45750




Artex Oil Company takes great pride in working with landowners to provide America affordable, locally produced energy.

Although Artex can trace its roots back over fifty years, it has accelerated its growth in the last two decades moving from fifty-second to the second largest natural gas and oil producer in the state of Ohio. Artex produces enough energy annually to heat over 50,000 homes.

Artex has improved the local economy by paying landowners tens of millions of dollars in royalties while providing hundreds of jobs and generating significant revenue for local governments. Artex Oil Company is producing the energy that will power America into the future.

About the President

Jerry James has served as President of Artex Oil Company since 1995. Prior to assuming his current role, he held positions with various major oil companies in Texas, Louisiana and Wyoming.

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