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The Kansas oil and natural gas industry is an economic engine that generates nearly $4.3 billion each year, and sends more than 28,100 Kansans to work each day. Our state’s second largest industry also provides hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to fund schools, build bridges and pave roads.
Source: Kansas Oil and Gas Resources Fund, Inc.

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Layne Energy, Inc.

1675 Broadway, Suite 2260
Denver, CO 80202




Layne Christensen Company, headquartered in Mission Woods, Kansas, was established in 1996, through the acquisition of Christensen Boyles Corporation and Boyles Brothers Drilling Company by Layne, Inc.

Layne Energy, Inc and the Layne Christensen Company provide drilling and construction services and related products in three principal markets: water resources, mineral exploration and the energy market.

Layne Christensen’s customers include municipalities, investor-owned water utilities, industrial companies, global mining companies, consulting and engineering firms, heavy civil construction companies and oil and gas companies located principally in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Africa and South America.

Harbison-Fischer, Inc.

P.O. Box 2477
Fort Worth, Texas 76113-2477




Harbison-Fischer Manufacturing Company was founded and began operation in March of 1933 with a furnace, belt-drive machines and a Cadillac motor to turn the lathes. Dick Harbison’s penchant for manufacturing precision inspired a comprehensive quality control system, assuring Harbison-Fischer customers of exacting performance standards, while Charles Fischer’s sales calls in the oil fields of Texas sold the oilmen on the superior workmanship and economic benefits of Harbison-Fischer’s efficient, dependable equipment.

During the intervening years Harbison-Fischer has developed, expanded upon and improved its products – both metallurgically and by precision workmanship – to the point where a complete line of H-F pumps, pump parts and accessories are now shipped to all parts of the oil-producing world. So while the business began as purely local, it has through the years developed into one of international prominence. H-F pumps are marketed worldwide under the registered trademark, “BEST PUMPS IN THE OIL PATCH.”

About the Chairman

While the Great Depression of the 1930′s marked hard times for many, it proved to be a period of opportunity for Dixon T. Harbison and Charles A. Fischer. It was during that decade the two men pooled their extensive knowledge and backgrounds in the oil tool and steel industries and began the manufacture and sale of a line of oil well pumping equipment.

Coffeyville Resources (CVR Energy)

10 E. Cambridge Circle
Suite 250
Kansas City KS 66103

(913) 982-0500



John Lipinski
CEO, President and Director

CVR Energy’s complex petroleum business includes a 115,000 barrel per day oil refinery operated by Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing in Coffeyville, Kan.; a crude oil gathering system serving Kansas, northern Oklahoma, western Missouri and southwestern Nebraska; and terminalling facilities in Phillipsburg, Kan.

Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing’s highly sophisticated oil refinery is a catalytic cracking/delayed coking refinery that processes moderately heavy, medium sulfur crude oil from a broad array of domestic and international sources and predominantly produces clean transportation products such as gasoline, diesel fuels, and propane.

Our refinery is situated approximately 100 miles from Cushing, Okla., which is one of the largest crude oil trading and storage hubs in the United States. Our refinery is served by numerous pipelines, including pipelines from the U.S. Gulf Coast and Canada, providing us with access to virtually any crude variety in the world capable of being transported by pipeline.

The refinery has undergone numerous expansions and upgrades since 2005. Significant capital projects were primarily aimed at:

  • Expanding refinery capacity
  • Enhancing operating reliability and flexibility
  • Complying with more stringent environmental, health and safety standards
  • Improving our ability to process heavy sour crude feedstock varieties

The most recent major projects included the construction of a new diesel hydrotreater, a new continuous catalytic reformer, a new sulfur recovery unit, a new plant-wide flare system, a technology upgrade to the fluid catalytic cracking unit and a refinery-wide capacity expansion.
Coffeyville Resources Refining & Marketing primarily markets to Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota for the sale of its unbranded petroleum products. Our petroleum products customer list includes petroleum refiners, convenience store operators, petroleum jobbers, railroads and truck stops.

The gasoline, diesel fuel, and natural gas liquids produced at the refinery are distributed through Magellan’s Central and Mountain pipelines, as well as MAPCO, Enterprise Product Partners LP and NuStar LP pipelines. Gasoline and diesel fuel are also sold at our truck loading racks at the Coffeyville refinery and our Phillipsburg terminal.

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