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The industry accounts for 4,000 jobs in Weld, according to the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, and hundreds, if not thousands, more jobs are coming.
Source: Greenly Tribune, 2/5/11

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1700 Broadway, Suite 2300
Denver, Colorado 80290-2300





Jim Volcker
CEO & President

An oil independent affirming domestic energy independence for America, all while creating good jobs in local communities.

Whiting Petroleum Corporation is an energy company based in Denver, Colorado. The Company owns and operates oil and gas properties primarily in the Permian Basin, Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast and Michigan regions of the United States. The Company went public in November 2003 and trades under the symbol WLL on the New York Stock Exchange.

Whiting’s growth strategy is focused on increasing reserves and production per share through producing property acquisitions, exploitation and exploration. This strategy resulted in the Company’s reserves per share increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 20% and production per share increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 8% from the time Whiting went public in 2003 through 2006. Whiting strives to increase reserves and daily production through complementary acquisitions, efficiently exploiting its undeveloped oil and natural gas reserves and drilling exploratory wells in its core regions.

Whiting produced a total 12.4 million barrels of oil (including NGLs) and 30.4 Bcf of gas in 2008. On an equivalent basis, this equates to 17.5 MMBOE for the year, or an average daily production rate of 47.860 BOE.

Laramie Energy

1512 Larimer, Suite 1000
Denver, Colorado 80202




Laramie Energy’s business strategy is to focus on finding and developing gas reserves from unconventional gas resource plays in the U.S. Rockies.

Unconventional gas resource plays include tight sands, coal beds, and gas shales. Commercially viable unconventional gas resource plays are found in highly concentrated accumulations that cover a broad sub-surface area. Once they have been identified and after pilot studies have determined the appropriate drilling, completion, production technologies to utilize, unconventional gas plays have relatively low geologic and commercial risk.

The development of unconventional gas resource plays is built around large scale drilling programs that repeat common operations in an assembly-line fashion and capture economies of scale to drive down costs. Unlike most conventional exploration and development, unconventional gas resource plays are relatively predictable in timing, costs, production rates and reserve additions and can provide steady long-term reserves and production growth.

Unconventional gas resources have become largest U.S. gas source in the past few years, surpassing the production from traditional gas reservoirs within the lower 48 states.

Cimarex Energy

1700 Lincoln Street, Suite 1800
Denver, CO 80203




F.H. Merelli
Chairman, CEO, President and Director

Cimarex Energy, Co. (NYSE, XEC) is a Denver-based independent oil and gas exploration and production company with principal operations in the Mid-Continent, Permian Basin and Gulf Coast areas of the U.S. Our business approach is centered on increasing shareholder value through consistent profitable growth in proved reserves and production through our drilling program and optimizing production rates. Year-end 2009 proved reserves totaled 1.5 trillion cubic feet equivalent (77% natural gas and 77% developed).

Our approach is focused on drill-bit driven growth in production and reserves utilizing risked rate of return economics to evaluate projects. We rely heavily on our organization of geoscientists to generate our drilling prospects. We have decentralized exploration teams who are experts in their regions. A cornerstone to our approach is detailed evaluation of each drilling decision based on its risk-adjusted discounted cash flow rate of return on investment. Our analysis includes estimates and assessments of potential reserve size, geologic and mechanical risks, expected costs and future production profiles.

We also believe it is important to maintain a strong financial position and conservative capital structure in order to maintain drilling activity through all price cycles. We believe that this approach will create shareholder value through growth in per-share earnings, cash flow, reserves and production.

PDC Energy

1775 Sherman Street, #3000
Denver, CO 80203



PDC Energy is an independent natural gas and oil company operating primarily in the Rocky Mountain region and the Appalachian Basin, and is now moving into western Texas. Founded in 1969 in Bridgeport, West Virginia, PDC Energy relocated its headquarters to Denver, Colorado in March 2009.

PDC’s operations include exploration, development, production and marketing of natural gas and oil. Natural gas constitutes 82% of the Company’s total production, most of which is derived from the Rocky Mountain region.

As of year-end 2009, the Company operated approximately 4,900 wells and reported proved reserves of 717.3 Bcfe. PDC has a large inventory of predictable, low-cost drill sites that offer positive development potential and long-term growth opportunities.

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